Used Transfer Cases

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Used Transfer Cases are Economical

A transfer case can be found on 4-Wheel drive vehicles and serves the purpose of shifting a vehicle into 2WD or 4WD. Transfer Cases commonly use chains to drive the 4WD system but can be made from a series of gears. Either way, Transfer cases (or jockey box) will wear down after use and periodically requires maintenance, rebuild or replacement. At A1 Light Truck Parts we offer a wide selection of late model vehicle Transfer Cases.

There are many factors to consider when thinking about what to do when your transfer case goes out on you. Repair, rebuild or replace your worn/broken transfer case. Keep in mind that used transfer cases are cheaper than new ones, and are definitely cheaper than buying a new or used vehicle. Whether you are looking for a used transfer case for a car or light truck or diesel, A1 Light Truck Parts carries a wide selection of foreign and domestic used transfer cases in its Portland OR Area salvage yard. And if we do not have the exact match on our grounds, we can locate a specific used transfer case for you and get it to our location from any auto recycler in the nation.

Used Transfer Case Warranty

A1 Light Truck Parts knows just how important your vehicle is to you and if we can help you get going down the road with a transfer case, and we want to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Each used transmission we sell goes through rigorous inspections and come with a 90 day to 6 month warranty so you can feel confident knowing that you are buying only the best used transmission and that our used transmissions are backed by our generous in-house warranty.

Used Differentials are Greener Rear-ends

When you think of purchasing a used differential, you can think of how you are helping the environment. Because when you are buying a used rear-end from Portland’s A1 Light Truck Parts and replacing an old one, you actually are helping the environment by not putting a whole vehicle into the landfill. You are reducing your carbon footprint when purchasing a used differential from A1 Light Truck Parts.