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Guaranteed Used Tires

Are your tires worn down and need to be replaced? New tires are expensive, and are tough to find a good deal on. But if you need tires, what are you to do? Used tires could be the answer. When the budget is tight but you need a solution- used tires is a good way to go.

We have a wide selection of used tires and new “take-off” tires that we have to call used tires. You may be thinking: “But won’t used tires degrade quickly?” The answer is no. A-1 Light Truck Parts uses only the top-quality used parts. All of our used tires undergo rigorous testing and inspection to make sure that they are safe for the road, will last for a long time, and don’t empty your pocketbook. In addition, most used tires come with a 90-day to 6-month warranty. This way, you can feel confident in the condition of your used tires. And if they happen to fail, just come in and we’ll set you up with a new set! Used tires are sold at much discounted prices from new tires. Don’t wait for your tires to degrade to the point where they blowout, head in to A-1 Light Truck Parts soon as you ca

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Low Used Tire Cost

When you step into A-1 Light Truck Parts, right off the bat you will receive outstanding customer service. We wouldn’t be here without our loyal customers, which is why we put your satisfaction at the top of our list of priorities. We have a large inventory, making your trip worth it. We offer great used products at affordable prices. A-1 Light Truck Parts has been serving the Portland and Vancouver Metro areas for over 40 years. Over time, we have developed a reputation for quality service, dependable products, and great prices. If these are services that you are interested in receiving, head on in to A-1 Light Truck Parts today! All sales are backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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